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As a member of the Cahokia Heights Area Chamber we believe that life’s great moments do not simply just happen, you have to make them happen. Cahokia Heights Area Chamber of Commerce was originally created by individuals who possess the inspiration and the will to turn dreams into reality. By working together we plan community events, improvements for our citizens and expand the horizons for our young hopeful students and others in the area. We build lifelong bonds between local businesses, promote the preservation of our historic background and so much more.

We are always looking to improve our membership, and would like to encourage you to take part in the chamber. Please join us every third Thursday of the month at The Prairies Golf Course Clubhouse at 4:30pm. Check out our event calendar!

Feel free to contact Darwyn Buchanan, President, at 618-623-5109 or, Virginia Edwards, Treasurer at 618-225-7158.

Cahokia Heights Chamber of Commerce Membership Application